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Mission, vision and principles


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An ecologically healthy and diverse Patagonian Sea, meeting the needs, wishes and aspirations of people whilst maintaining one of the world's greatest wildlife spectacles and most productive marine ecosystems, through a genuine partnership amongst all interested sectors.


Promote synergistic collaboration amongst organizatiosn to achieve ecosystem integrity and effective management of the Patagonian Sea and its areas of influence in genuine partnership with the public and private sector. The mission comprises the following objectives:

• Promote an integral understanding of the Patagonian marine ecosystem and analyze its conservation status;

• Support projects aimed at creating Marine Protected Areas within the target area and areas of influence;

• Encourage the effective implementation of precautionary management policies, as well as participative, transparent and responsible policy-making practices;

• Facilitate education and communication initiatives centered on the significance of the ocean as reservoir for natural resources, provider of ecological /environmental services, and subject of contemplation and aesthetic value.



  • WHO: The Forum will be integrated by non-profit, non-governmental organizations, and by international conservation organizations of a mixed nature (governmental/ non-governmental) with an outstanding experience in biodiversity and marine resources conservation, and with an interest in the conservation and sustainable use of the Patagonian Sea and areas of influence.
  • SYNERGY: Forum member organizations seek to achieve, through mutual cooperation, conservation results that are more significant and effective that what may be achieved by members individually.
  • DIVERSITY: Forum member organizations may be based on any country or territory, and no organization may be excluded from the Forum by reasons of nationality, race, religion, language or gender of its affiliates.
  • GOOD FAITH: member organizations join the Forum with the aim of working together in a framework of trust and mutual cooperation.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: Forum members shall treat as confidential all the information shared within the Forum that is defined as restricted.
  • INDEPENDENCE: membership to the Forum by no means restricts each member organization's autonomy, nor represents any obstacle for the development of cooperation agreements between members.
  • DISCLAIMER OF RESPONSABILITY/ NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTIES: Member's involvement in the Forum will take place in a framework of respect for the interests of all countries in the region, their governments and their peoples. As far as the geographical area is concerned, membership to this Forum does not imply any opinion or position with respect to the sovereignty issues, nor it jeopardizes any state or international organization's opinion regarding the boundaries and legal status of maritime areas or territories in relation with the target area. Forum members' opinions over these issues shall not be subject to debate within the Forum, not shall these opinions be used to limit or expand members' right within the Forum.
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